Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Burnt stovetop from grease fire.

Take caution when cooking with an open flame!

It didn't take long for this kitchen to go up in flames when the owner left the flame unattended for a moment to go grab something in the other room. The kitchen stovetop fire caught the grease in the pan and went up in flames immediately. This is why it is so important to keep a close watch when cooking in the kitchen.

After photo of walls and ceiling removed after a fire.

Fire burned through the roof!

A fire took flames to this house one day and burned not only the walls but all the way to the ceiling. Our team came in after the fire was out to removed the burnt dry wall and insulation while also wiping the walls clean of soot and smoke odor. Here is the after photo of our work!

A man in military uniform under a tent.

Joe Araya, veteran of the USMC

Here is a photo of Joe Araya as a young Marine. Joe has been a hard worker his whole life and is always willing to use his very own hands for every job. Joe Arayas determined attitude is a great inspiration for all of our employees.

Red, white and blue silver coin that's scripted with Google Celebrates Veteran-Led Businesses

Veteran Led Business.

It's no secret that our owners Joe and Steve are veterans of the Marine Corps. They met in the military as young Marines and remained good friends and went into business together. They've created a great foundation for our business and staff. Google recognizes businesses that are veteran owned and operated such as ours. They sent us this awesome coin to commemorate it. Thank you all for your service! Semper Fi!

Fire burning through brush in front of houses.

Wildfires in California

We deal with a lot of house fires but we also get calls for damage done after a wildfire has run its course. During the fall time is when brush fires usually hit full force. We have done jobs for houses directly affected by the flames and ones indirectly affected such as from the smoke and soot that comes with it. The smoke from a wildfire can travel through the air and stick to surfaces making the entire home smell of smoke. Our contents team cleans the fire damage areas, every single item.

Fire fighters fighting fire flames.

We always bounce back

The first few months after a wildfire are devastating but our team is here and tries to get people back to their normal lives again. We put heart into our work because we care and want to make our customers houses feel like a home again.