Commercial Photo Gallery

Moldy internal walls of a motel.

The last thing you want to see at a hotel is mold!

After a disastrous flood in a hotel, mold began to grow. The water that leaked through the walls and flooring was hot which is the perfect breeding grounds for mold. Our teams trained professionals on removing mold and not allowing mold spores to spread while removing it. We put up air tight containments to keep the mold from spreading and reproducing. 

Man in front of USAA poster.

We are the business that is preferred by most insurance companies.

Not every restoration business is a preferred vendor. We take pride in the fact that we are not only preferred by insurance carriers but we are also preferred by customers. We do a lot of work with USAA, who is very particular in the companies that they use. Our team provides quality work because we know the importance of getting your property back to "Like it never even happened." 

Green room with ultrasonic cleaner and steel tables.

How do I clean my hard surfaced items after a fire?

The answer is our ultrasonic cleaner! The hard surfaced items are placed gently in a basket where each piece has its own space so they are not banging against each other. When turned on the machine shakes at a high frequency that removes all the debris and leaves it spotless!

Green contents cleaning room with Esporta machine.

We can clean your soft materialized items easy!

When fire damage hits, the smoke travels throughout the home or business and leaves behind a layer of soot on each item. Soft items such as clothing cannot be regularly washed because it will not remove the smoke scent. Instead we wash it in our commercial grade Esporta machine. It's delicate on customers belongings but also removed unwanted fire smell and damage. 

Green equipment stacked in a warehouse.

We can handle any size job!!

As you can see in the photo, this is just a portion of our equipment. We have loads more and our trucks are always full so we are prepared to handle any size job the minute we get the phone call.  

Large group photo of all the employees.

Meet our team!

Our team is made up of so many great assets and many years of experience. Our three owners Joe, Juan and Steve have been in the restoration industry for 25+ years. Our team is able to handle any size job and we are open 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.